Cancer studies

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Air quality after the fire

A study of cancer among United States firefighters

Cancer in firefighters due to radiofrequency exposure

Cancer risk high for firefighters exposed to burning flame retards

Cancer incidence among male mass firefighters

Cancer morbidity of professional emergency responders in Korea

Characterization of firefighter exposures during fire overhaul

Contamination of Firefighter Personal Protective Gear

Cyanide exposure

Cyanide poisonings of providence firefighters

Daniels et al (2015)

Diesel emissions in firestations

EMW 2007 FP 02093 Canserstudie 2-1

Evaluation of dermal exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in fire fighters

FFPO Final Report Nov 30 2008 MST

Firefighter final report Queensland

IARC2 studies of cancer in humans

IJHS the risk of prostate cancer from occupational exposures in male firefighters

LeMasters cancer stora risk among firefighters – UC study


McMaster study of exposures of firefighters during training exercises

NIOSH firefighter cancer study

Occup environ med-2014-Pukkala-oemed-2013-101803

Occupational health investigation of cancer among firefighters in aacomd

OEM FF Ca study 10-2013

Pa cancer booklet

Persistent organic pollutants including polychlorinated and polybrominated

Presumption report 2009 Assessing state firefighter cancer presumtion laws and current firefighter cancer research

Project summary Natl FF health study

Report of the investigation committee into the cyanide poisonings of providence firefighters

Review of the epidemiologic studies for the association between firefighters and selected cancers

Shaw et al FF cancer poster

Shaw et al POPs in firefighters CHEM print

Smoke perceptions myths and misunderstandings

Taking action against cancer in the fire service

Testicular cancer in firefighters

Testicular CA

WHO firefighting cancer